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Mamma's Inner Knowing

Mamma's Inner Knowing is a type Intuitive Guidance to help "reset" the nervous system, create deep relaxation and to tap into your energy fields to specifically address issues around pregnancy, postpartum and "almost" pregnant. I use Craniosacral Therapy and a modality called Signature Energy Work to connect with you and your inner knowing. This combination is designed to access the root of your soul's essence, either for mom, baby, family members or anyone else who needs to receive or give a message. It allows me to check in with the energy, receive any information and then share it with you.  I support you in finding the deeper meaning to your questions and to help you decide what resonates. This work can be very powerful.

"I don't know how she does it, but Wendy always seems to know exactly what I need to hear." - M.C.

"Wendy uses a series of energetic questions to get to the deeper level of my issues.  Her use of visualization to connect to different timelines, loved ones, and the emotional characteristics of essential oils and flower remedies add to her intuitive messages.  The combination is enlightening, creative and very helpful." - J.L.

My Mamma's Inner Knowing Story

Most mothers can tell you a story or two of "unexplained" maternal instinct where they just had a feeling or just knew something wasn't quite right. These insights are often overlooked as just coincidence or gut feelings, but what if we were encouraged to listen to that intuition and use it to connect with our babies at all stages of life?

After many "unexplained" experiences of my own with my children and the children of many of my clients, I embraced the idea that we not only CAN connect with our babies, we SHOULD! 


Today I work with the energy of babies all the time.  I often receive messages from the baby’s energy during prenatal and postpartum massage sessions, but they aren't always messages you might expect.  These babies are planning their life journey.  They are making their soul contracts and agreeing to their life’s lessons. Their messages are often much more mature, wise, and contemplative than you may imagine.  That is what is so amazing about this work.  These babies have something important to say - I get to receive their messages and share them with their most important people, their family!

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