Signature Intuitive Energy Work

Intuitive Energy Work helps to "reset" the nervous system, create deep relaxation and tap into the your energy fields. On the massage table, I use a modality called Signature Intuitive Energy Work which is a combination of Signature Energy Work and CranioSacral massage.  Signature Intuitive Energy Work is designed to access the subtle energy field of the client.  I check in with the body's wisdom and often receive information to share.  Off the table, I connect with the subtle energy field distantly, and we discuss the message in a session over the phone.  On or off the table, I support my clients in finding the deeper meaning to their questions and help them decide how their message resonates in their heart, mind and body. This work can be very powerful and transformational.

"Wendy's intuitive sessions have always been gentle and so helpful. I feel safe and supported by her energy work and I always leave with new insight." - J.L.