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The Healthy Human Being Experience (HHBe)

You are invited to join the Healthy Human Being Experience (HHBe)

This is a deep dive into becoming a happier, healthier, whole version of yourself!  The HHBe will show you how to observe your mind, drop into your body, listen to your inner wisdom and learn practical tools to create more desired outcomes, in any area of your life.  This experience is a combination of my offerings: Bodywork, Intuitive Guidance, Yoga, Self Awareness Work, and Life Coaching. I bring you a deeply supported and unique opportunity to connect to your mind, body and soulAnd to help you find what being a Healthy Human Being means to you. 

This experience will be tailored to your specific intentions and goals.  You will decide what you want to focus on, shift or create. Although this experience often centers around a particular area of interest, once you learn the work, it can be used for everything - every problem, challenge or creative endeavor -literally everything!  It will change how you interact with your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors but most importantly, it will change how you interact with yourself. 

I recommend 6 sessions to fully experience the concepts.  You can spread them out over 6 weeks with weekly sessions, 3 months for sessions every 2 weeks, or over 6 months, one session per month. 

This is your experience, you get to decide how you want to take it all in.

Your Healthy Human Being Experience includes:

  • A one-on-one 90 minute session, (in person or by phone) tailored to your journey - these sessions will include a combination of Self Awareness Work, Bodywork, Intuitive Guidance, and/or Life Coaching. These sessions will address the mind, body and soul

  • HHBe Teaching Lessons

  • Embodiment FLOjo practice

  • Weekly check-ins via email for support

  • Daily HomePlay exercise materials to exercise your mind

Bundle of 6 sessions $600

"Change the way you think - change the way you feel - change the way you live your life!"

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Self Awareness Work (SAW)

Self-Awareness Work (SAW) utilizes a variety of life coaching techniques to help you become aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions and how they affect your results.

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Embodiment Practice

I will introduce you to an embodiment practice called FLOjo. This practice encourages you to connect to your body' inner wisdom and learn to listen to what it needs.

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Signature Bodywork

Through the HHBexperience, you may choose to receive bodywork tailored to your specific needs for a truly "Signature Bodywork" experience.  This will depend on what you are focusing on and what your body calls for.

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Learning Library

Coming soon!

Head Massage

Signature Intuitive Energy Work

Intuitive Energy Work helps "reset" the nervous system, create deep relaxation and taps into your energy fields.  This work can help us look at your situation from an energetic perspective.

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Homeplay Activities

I will keep you motivated with daily Homeplay activities to exercise you heart, mind and body.  What you choose to do is up to you!


"The word that comes to mind from these sessions with Wendy is: supported. I was dealing with a difficult decision and through these coaching sessions Wendy had my back. Wendy gave me concrete tools to use right away, and she stuck with my through the process. She checked in, sent videos, and exercises, and from this I felt less alone, like someone was walking with me through the process. While ultimately, it was my decision to make, Wendy's coaching empowered me to trust- trust myself and listen to what I really wanted. I felt nurtured and cared about and that made all the difference." - L.S. 

How it all started:

Our family has a tradition, every New Year’s Eve, we write down our intentions for the year on a piece of driftwood and send it out into the ocean.  My youngest daughter, who was at the wise age of 8, wrote down typical 8-year-old kid things: to get a part in a play, to have her own pet,

and to be a healthy human being.  Wait, what?  “What does that mean?” I asked my little one. 

“I just want to eat healthy, act healthy and do healthy things”.  Kids are so damn smart.

I asked if I could borrow that intention for myself and she said of course.  And the

Healthy Human Being experience (HHBe) was born. 

I spent the next year honoring that intention.  I changed my relationship with many things in

my life and became a much healthier, happier and whole human being. But I realized what is "healthy, happy and whole" to me, may not be healthy, happy and whole for everyone.  This brought me back to the concept of everyone's personal GLOjo. To truly understand what a Healthy Human Being looks like for you, I believe you must reclaim and embrace your GLOjo.

After years of experimentation, HHBe has evolved into a more comprehensive experience to include Self-Awareness Work, an embodiment FLOjo practice, Signature Bodywork, Intuitive Energy Work and much more, but the intention is still the same - to become the healthiest, happiest, and whole version of yourself.