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WELL Gatherings

The second bucket of The WELL, and the initial reason we started this group, is the monthly WELL in-person gathering.  Each month is different and is typically hosted by a WELLian who chooses the location and leads the discussion or activity.  In addition to WELLian hosted events, we host guest speakers from community organizations and/or go to heart & healing based community events.  WELL Gathering details are posted on the Facebook group page. Typically gatherings are located in New Hampshire, southern Maine or northeastern Massachusetts.


Our monthly WELL Gatherings are a place to find human connection—they provide a level of intimacy to explore personal challenges, receive encouragement, be vulnerable, and share in a supportive and safe community.  We gather as a way to fill our individual and collective well so we have the energy to be the change we want to see in the world.

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