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Sites & Adventures

There are so many places to see and adventurous things you can do on the Silver Coast.  Sites range from visiting old castle villages to modern city soccer stadiums.  During the warm months there are many water activities from jet skiing to boating, surfing, snorkeling, beach soccer and more.  But in the Winter months you have the additional excitement of the 100-foot wave (see documentary The Hundred Foot Wave) and watching the world's elite big wave surfers be towed out to sea to ride these mountains of water.  The natural beauty of the landscape is worthy of exploring in any way possible.  There are off road jeep tours, biking paths and hiking trails to explore and the Silver Coast is home of the largest sand dune in the world which is really fun (and hard) to climb!  


Off-Road Jeep Tour


The off-road Jeep tour is the best way to see the area from remote locations, learn a lot about the city of Nazare and have an adrenaline blast (or a no-adrenaline tour if you prefer).  Rui (Owner of Naturumm Jeep Tours) is an amazing tour guide and story teller and is happy to cater your experience to your liking.  Do this at the beginning of your stay!

Liga Portugal

Another fun adventure is to travel into Lisbon or Porto to watch a Liga Portugal football (soccer) game.  Hands down one of the most fun sporting events you’ll ever attend. 


Praia do Norte


The fort at the tip of the cliff at North Beach, Praia do Norte, is definitely a place to visit. Look for the iconic red lighthouse at the top of the fort. There you will find the Surf Museum, amazing views and depending on the time of year witness mother nature at her finest! You can walk up the path to Sitio from the condo or take the tram.  It is an amazing way to see all of Nazare and to stop at the most scenic swing overlooking the ocean. 


Obidos is a fairy-tale medieval village with mystical scenery and architecture.  This walled castle village has so much to offer and no tickets are required.  There are restaurants, shops, festivals, and amazing views!  And the best part is it's only 20 minutes from Nazare! 

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