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Take Conscious Action
Support local BIPOC Work and BIPOC work in Mindfulness/Wellness

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Black Lives Matter Seacoast NH (Local)

OUR MISSION -Our purpose is to dismantle anti-Blackness, fight against racial injustices and end police brutality. This includes Strafford & Rockingham Counties of New Hampshire, Essex County of Massachusetts, and York County of Maine.



  • Nurture Black youth leadership 

  • Support Black community through mutual aid projects (food drives, scholarships, etc.)

  • Promote Black-owned businesses 

  • Demand an investment into education, social services, enhancing the health of black people and away from exploitative forces such as law enforcement, jail and prisons, that have harmed and criminalized the black community.

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New Hampshire SURJ (Local)

On our path toward Racial Justice, there is a lot of unlearning that needs to be done, especially in our white communities. What is this culture of white supremacy that we’ve been brought up in? Is this how we want to walk in the world? What is bias? What does racial justice look like in our schools and community? These are the conversations we have with each other to learn and reflect so that we can show up most effectively in the fight for our collective liberation. Join us.

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UNITY Yoga Teacher Training Fund (Local)

The UNITY Teacher Training Fund was created to promote equity in the yoga field for Black people, Indigenous people, and other People of Color. We also want to include differently abled bodies and non-binary persons. Our minimum goal is to raise enough money to award full tuition to one individual a year to a Teacher Training of their choice.

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Dive In Well

We believe we all have a right to be well, which means creating an equitable wellness industry.  We provide the tools to empower both individuals and business in the form of digital workbooks, workshops, consulting, and corporate training. 

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Black Girl in Om

Black Girl In Om exists to hold and catalyze healing within black womxn around the world on their unique journeys towards wholeness. We support the necessary transformation, spiritual awakening, consciousness shifts, and intergenerational healing occurring within the diaspora.

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Yoga Foster

Yoga Foster creates space for educators and students to breathe through low-cost, comprehensive professional development and resources.  Our goal is to provide accessible evidence-based tools for mindful well-being for every classroom, and meet kids and grownups exactly where they are. 

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Black Boys in Om

We Exist to Serve the emotional, mental, and physical Well-being of Black Boys and Black Men, through Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga.

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The Lineage Project

Lineage Project teaches trauma-sensitive mindfulness to young people, ages 11–24, navigating serious challenges and the adults who work with them as a way to develop stress management and resilience-building skills, and build community. 

Lineage works within the justice, education, shelter, mental health, and foster care systems, and with community organizations. Lineage classes are built around a 3-part program model that weaves together facilitated discussion, movement practices (e.g., yoga/Tai Chi), and guided meditation. 

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Reclamation Ventures

A venture fund that invests in high-potential, underestimated entrepreneurs making wellness more accessible that has re-invested over $2.5M from the wellness industry into communities that need it most. 

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Anti-Racist Daily

Since June 3, the Anti-Racism Daily has been sending one email a day pairing current events with historical context and personal reflections on how racism persists in the U.S. (and around the world). The newsletter is free, and readers can make a contribution. There’s also a paid group subscription option for workplaces and schools to get weekly discussion guides, monthly reporting, and other perks. The Anti-Racism Daily started as a casual project by Nicole Cardoza, who acts as editor-in-chief and identifies as a cisgender Black woman.

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The Tree Yoga Cooperative

The Tree South LA’s impact in South LA will unfold into a new generation elevating the health and economic equity of Yoga and Wellness Leaders dedicated to expanding the mission of sustainability as a hub of holistic wellness and community support.

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Trap Yoga Bae

Trap Yoga Bae® is  bridging the gap between self-care and cultural relevance. We introduce those who feel ostracized from the typical Yogi experience to the idea that Self-Care looks like “YOU”.  Trap Yoga with Trap Yoga Bae® is a Vinyasa-style experience, backed to the heavy bass and hypnotic rhythms of trap music, spun by a live DJ! Paired with Yoga Bae’s signature Ratchet Affirmations™, plus an energizing 45-minute yoga set, a Trap Yoga Bae® experience is definitely more 🔥  than your average yoga class!

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