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Food & Drink

Explore the amazing culinary combinations of Portugal!  

We are just high lighting a few restaurants in Nazare and a few evening venues. 

But we honestly didn’t have a bad meal or experience! 

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Pangeia has two locations, one on the water and one up in the hills.  They have a similar menu but a very different atmosphere.  The owner and his wife, who is also the pastry chef, will often come around to say hello. The cuisine is as beautiful as it is delicious.


Although Portugal is known for it's seafood, Bonta is a small Italian restaurant within walking distance to the condo and some of the best Italian food we've ever had.  The owners moved to Nazare from Rome and created a warm, inviting atmosphere to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine. No menus or credit cards--the owner will tell you what's being made fresh daily.

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Taverna do 8 o 80


This little Taverna is right on the ocean strip with beautiful views, amazing food and wonderful atmosphere.  Don't miss this gem!

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Night Life

NBar is the main night club in Nazare.  They feature bands, events and have a DJ for dance music on certain nights.  Nitto's Pub is the perfect place to catch a national soccer game or to enjoy the locals.

El Toro

El Toro is a small cozy restaurant that is hidden in the heart of Nazare.  The food is amazing but the best part is that they have Fado on Thursday nights.  Fado is Portugal's National music and has captivated people from all over the world.  Don't miss this experience! 

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